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Some lovely comments about our school.

Let us know what you think. 

Kate - May 2015


Clare has taught my children for nearly 7 years and we all see her as not just a dance teacher but a friend too.  She makes the classes for the younger children lots of fun, whilst maintaining good discipline and  getting the most out of the youngsters.  They really want to do their best for her.

Artsync manages to feel relaxed and yet purposeful.  It really is about the dancing - not about judging whether the children have the right brand of dance wear!  It's like a big friendly family.  My kids were really shy when they first began dancing, and I truly believe that the experience of doing the shows (which are so much fun to watch too!) has given them a lot of confidence.  They look forward to the next show from the day after they have finished the one they are on!

Jenny- May 2015


Both my daughters age 16 and 5 dance at artsync and really enjoy their classes every week, it's such a friendly atmosphere. The best is when they do their shows and everyone helps out and gets on with each other - from the tots to the older girls - you get to see all the children dance and see them growing in confidence. The teachers Clare and Sue make all the girls welcome no mater what there abilities. Amazing teachers.

Gillian - May 2015


 Artsync is a fantastic!. Teacher, Clare, is kind, patient, encoraging and very understanding. My two girls have not only learnt dancing skills but gained so much in confidence since attending this dancing school. They have both passed exams and done a dancing show...something I did not think my daughter who has additional needs would ever do but thanks to Clares support and understanding I needn't have worried...Thanks Artsync!

Olivia age 12 years - February 2016


Artsync is a great dance school to learn new ,fun moves as well as dance routines. With Artsync I find dance happy and enjoyable because I get to learn new dance steps at the same time as having a laugh with the dance teacher and with friends. Artsync school of dance is an amazing way to become a talented dancer, I love it. Olivia, age 12.

Abigail - July 2017


Both my girls have been studying dance with Clare for the last three years. It opens them up to a multitude of opportunities from dance exams, Tapathons and shows. They have both excelled under Clare's excellent teaching and have really brought on their confidence. Thoroughly recommended and very approachable with any queries. Very pleased we became involved in the heart and soul of ARTSync.

Becky - Aug 2017

I asked my daughter to give me 3 words to describe Artsync. Straight away she gave me..... Amazing, Fun & Friendly! Katie is loving dancing more than ever and it's fantastic to see her so happy and making new friends in the process. X

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